Arabica beans roasted separately to bring out the rich dark chocolate flavors typical of South American beans and bright floral
notes of high grown African varitals.  Blended together they make for an acceptionally smooth and sweet shot of espresso.



Velvety smooth, steamed milk blended with our equally smooth espresso. Can be served hot or iced and with any of our flavored syrups.


Espresso and steamed milk topped with a thick, dense micro-foam. Created to suit your specific taste, let us know just how dry you like your cappuccino to be.


A creamy latte with dark or white chocolate syrup topped with our fresh, house-made whipped cream. Equally decadent when ordered hot or iced.


Shots of sweet espresso over hot water. Similar in strength to drip coffee with the distinct flavor and aroma of our espresso. 


An enhanced version of a traditional latte, made with steamed half and half, rather than milk. Richer, thicker and altogether delicious.


A drink favored in Spain and Portugal. Equal parts espresso and warm milk make for a less acidic, full flavored cup of espresso.


Often called a "Cafe Vienne" this simple cup is a union of our dark, chocolatey espresso and our house-made, fresh whipped cream. Uncomplicated and delectable.


From the Italian, meaning "stained," this double shot of espresso is touched with a small amount of steamed milk to deliver a slightly smoother and creamy version of our standard espresso.



We offer a variety of different beans and roasts to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.  And while our selection will change frequently so that there is always something new to try, we will always keep our most popular varietals available.


Your selected beans are ground to order and brewed to your specific taste. Hand crafted and tailored for each order to offer a tremendously fresh, clean, and smooth cup of coffee. This process takes longer than your average bulk batch of drip coffee, but we assure you it is worth the wait!


True cold-brewed coffee using a Japanese brewing tower method, brewed using ice water for 10 - 12 hours. No pressure or heat is applied to extract the coffee, just time and gravity. It makes for a uniquely smooth and easy drinking coffee. Available year around.


Your chosen beans are coarse ground and allowed to steep for 3-4 minutes in a carafe, then pressed to remove the grounds from the brewed coffee. This method produces a rich, thick cup of coffee with a pronounced amount of oils that serve to create a stronger flavor and heavier mouthfeel.


A blend of Central and South American beans that are roasted to a light-medium state to create a bittersweet and bright taste with a medium body and splendid aroma. Brewed in our Fetco machine, this coffee is always ready for a quick cup.


We supercharge a cup of our House Blend brew with two shots of our sweet espresso to create a rich, heavily caffeinated cup of coffee. Can be served with or without a touch of cream.



Our fine assortment of teas, including green, black and herbal, can be prepared in a variety of ways.  From hot to cold, mildly caffienated to non-caffeinated, our goal is to offer something to suit every tea drinker.  


Authentic spiced chai with a mix of organic spices and Indian tea, steamed with milk. Although there is no sugar in our chai, flavors such as honey and vanilla syrup are often added to imbue some sweetness to this bold and creamy drink. Can be served hot, iced, or blended.


We offer a great selection of Harney and Sons tea, including green, black and herbal varietals. Each bag can usually be steeped twice to enjoy the tea for twice as long. Honey or other flavors can also be added to suit your palate.


We brew our iced tea ourselves. Never any liquid concentrates or instant powders. And if you prefer a Southern "Sweet Tea" or like your tea a little on the fruity side, we can accommodate.  


Strongly steeped Earl Grey tea combined with steamed milk, honey and vanilla. A great warm, soothing, pick-me-up for those dreary, wet and cold Iowa winters. 


Served as a blended drink, our Green Tea Matcha is combined with a sweet vanilla smoothie mix to create a one of a kind frozen drink. Perfect for those who love the health benefits of green tea and the flavor of a milkshake.



While coffee is our main focus, we try to offer a little something for everyone.  The drinks below are totally customizable, and with the exception of our Frappes, which contain coffee, are completely  non-caffeinated and kid friendly.


The award-winning, original Frappe mix, CAPPUCCINE, is the base for our frappes. Experience the bold flavor of Colombian Supremo coffee blended with your desired flavors for a rich, smooth and refreshing treat.  Contains coffee and caffeine - not kid friendly.


Simple goodness. Made with real fruit puree that is all natural, with no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors.  Our smoothies can be made with or without dairy, with flavors that include peach, strawberry - banana, strawberry and wild-berry.


A delicious frozen drink made with CAPPUCCINE vanilla smoothie mix and blended with any combination of our syrups and sauces and your choice of milk. This delightful treat has no coffee and no caffeine, so it's totally kid friendly.


No chocolate powder mix here! Made to order with a generous amount of dark chocolate syrup, a hint of vanilla and creamy steamed milk. Topped with luscious whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.


This concoction is much like a latte, only without the coffee. Instead, we take any combination of our variety of syrups and sauces and steam it together with milk to create a personalized, warm dessert. No caffeine, just comfort.


A sweet soft drink made from your choice of flavors and carbonated water. We suggest adding a little cream to give this refreshing beverage a unique richness.


Our hot cider is made to order using Mountain Cider concentrate. All natural with no added sugar and no preservatives, just apples and spices. Like your cider a little sweeter? Add a touch of vanilla or cinnamon syrup to give you just the flavor you are looking for.



All of our baked goods are made from scratch, in house, and baked fresh daily.   While our selection varies daily, we try to always have a gluten-free option and a vegan option available for our customers.  We will also gladly take orders, just call ahead and we will do our best to accommodate.


Our signature baked good, these amazing pastries are the perfect cross between biscuit and muffin.  We bake our scones in small batches throughout the day so that we can offer them fresh all day long.  With over a dozen varieties, both sweet and savory, you will be hard pressed not to fall in love with these goodies.   

Scone Flavors:
White Chocolate & Raspberry
Lemon Blueberry
Cinnamon Roll
Maple Bacon
Salted Caramel
Cranberry Orange
Galaxy (like a Milky Way)
Almond Joy
Honey Raisin
Plum Rum Walnut
Walnut Fig
Dilly Goat (Dill and Goat Cheese)
Procuitto, Cheddar & Chive
Bacon & Bleu Cheese


Oatmeal, cranberries and walnuts combine with just the right amount of sweetness, and made without any milk, eggs or other animal products. These bars are a healthier choice for a quick snack and perfect for our vegan customers.


Want a richer alternative to our biker bars? Try one of our delicious brownies.  The selection does change often, and new flavors are offered all the time


Usually available on Saturdays, these sweet slices are a great accompaniment to your morning cup of coffee.   Some of our flavors include Blueberry Buckle and Caramel Apple.  Warm and comforting.


Who doesn't love cookies?  Especially fresh baked, scratch-made cookies like mom used to make.  From our gluten-free Monster cookies to our soft, fudgy Chocolate Crinkle cookies, there is always a tempting treat available for the most discerning sweet tooth.